KPNO Observing Run Preparation Form

Proposal Number: 11B-5001

Principal Investigator Information

Principal Investigator Daniel Harbeck Telescope WIYN -- (W-I-Y)
Institution WIYN Instrument Hydra Bench spectrograph (HYDRB, HYDRR)
Email Address Run Start Date Aug 23, 2011
Phone Number 520 318-8217 Run End Date Aug 25, 2011
Staff Contact --

Observer Information

Observer's Name Daniel Harbeck
Institution WIYN
Email Address
Phone Number 520 318-8217
Thesis Project No
New Observer Kitt Peak No
New Observer This Telescope and Instrument Yes
Recent Run Date This Project N/A
Housing Request WIYN House
Room Charges N/A
Dorm / Meals - KPNO Expense --
Dorm / Meals - Charge Acct# --
Dorm / Meals - Own Expense --
Tucson Arrival Date N/A
Mountain Arrival Date Aug 23, 2011
Mountain Departure Date Aug 25, 2011
Tucson Departure Date N/A
Shuttle Needs No - Personal vehicle
Shuttle Time N/A
Mountain Arrival Time Noon
Current GSA License? Yes
NOAO Scientific Staff No

Observer Needs or Comments

Daniel Harbeck It has been several years that I have been using Hydra and a startup would be great. No
startup for WHIRC is required.

Instrument Needs - Hydra Bench spectrograph (HYDRB, HYDRR)

Multiple Configurations Requested No
Detector Choice STA1
Mode Select Blue Cable
Camera Select Bench Spectrograph Camera
Configuration Needs=Use same setup as WOCS. Echelle m 8, x19, 63.45 degc (6645 Ang). Region of interest its H alpha line.
Not sure on camera selection; use default camera.
Wavelength Order for (WIYN Bench Spectrograph Grating List) 8

2nd. Instrument Needs - WHIRC (WHIRC)

Multiple Configurations Requested No
Detector Choice HgCdTe (2048x2048, 0.9-2.5micron)
Mode Select Yes - Using WTTM
Configuration Needs Potentially using WTTM

Other Support Requirements

Requesting an Instrument Assistant Yes
Will be Submitting a Coordinate Cache Yes
Downtown Facilities After Run - Date From N/A
Downtown Facilities After Run - Date To N/A