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LTO Report

Kitt Peak Nightly LTO Report For UT: 2014-07-31

Report Time (MST): 03:08                    For access to all LTO-Reports go to:

4 Meter Weather Averages
From: UT = 01:00 (MST=6:00 PM) To: UT = 13:00 (MST=6:00 AM)
Elements Mean High Low AvDev
Air Temperature (°C)21.526.316.71.1
Dewpoint Temperature (°C)8.814.06.91.0
Relative humidity (%)4465365.4
Wind Speed (mph)
Wind Direction (°)18235002.0
4M Dome Temperature (°C)22.323.821.60.4
4M Dome Dewpoint (°C)9.310.58.40.5
4M Primary Mirror (°C)21.922.121.60.1

Weather Comments: Cloudy most of the night. A brief opening allowed telescopes to open between 2300 and midnight. Light drizzle by 0300.
Recognized Hours: ( 7.75 )      18 degree twilight + 0.5 hr.

Observer Information
Telescope Observer Prop. # Instrument Detector Seeing
4 MeterSchweiker, Summers 2014A-2014 MOSAIC N/A 0.8
WIYNJones 2014B-0980 HYDRA STA1 1.2
2.1 Meter:Harmer, Soto 2014A-0176 CFIM STA3 1.6
FeedNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A
0.9 MeterNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A

Time Usage During The Night
Telescope Hours Used Night's Activity   Hours Lost Time Lost
Due To:
Time of
Night (MST)
1.0 T and E   6.75 Weather 20:00 - 04:30
1.0 Scientific Research 6.75 Weather 20:00 - 04:30
1.0 Scientific Research 6.75 Weather 20:00 - 04:30
0.0 Scientific Research      
7.75 Maintenance        

Observing Status
4 MeterNo problems. Attempted T&E activities, but open window didn't last long enough to complete highest priority tasks. Seeing measured at 0.8 arcsec.
WIYNNo problems. Seeing estimated at 1.2 arcsec based on the fops.
2.1 MeterNo problems aside from the weather. Opened for an hour between 2300 and midnight. One seeing measurement of 1.6 arcsec.
FeedNot Scheduled
0.9 MeterSummer maintenance shutdown.

CommentsLooks like our run of good weather was short lived.

Reported by:Dave Summers

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