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LTO Report

Kitt Peak Nightly LTO Report For UT: 2017-05-22

Report Time (MST): 05:13                    For access to all LTO-Reports go to:

4 Meter Weather Averages
From: UT = 01:00 (MST=6:00 PM) To: UT = 13:00 (MST=6:00 AM)
Elements Mean High Low AvDev
Air Temperature (°C)18.021.411.10.9
Dewpoint Temperature (°C)-7.2-4.0-13.11.5
Relative humidity (%)1823102.6
Wind Speed (mph)21.336.78.24.4
Wind Direction (°)27917670.4
4M Dome Temperature (°C)18.522.117.31.1
4M Dome Dewpoint (°C)-5.7-2.7-9.51.6
4M Primary Mirror (°C)15.416.114.10.4

Weather Comments: Clear and dry, with a light westerly wind.
Recognized Hours: ( 7.25 )      18 degree twilight + 0.5 hr.

Observer Information
Telescope Observer Prop. # Instrument Detector Seeing
4 MeterGaensicke 2016A-0453 MOSAIC N/A 1.2
WIYNEverett, Teske, Johnson --- NESSI N/A 1.2
2.1 MeterSzafruga 2015B-3001 Visitor N/A N/A
FeedNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A
0.9 MeterFinn + students 2017A-0354 HDI S2KB N/A

Time Usage During The Night
Telescope Hours Used Night's Activity   Hours Lost Time Lost
Due To:
Time of
Night (MST)
7.0 Scientific Research   0.25 Instrument Problem 01:00 - 04:30
0.75 Extra Science Time        
7.25 Scientific Research      
7.25 Scientific Research      
0.0 Scientific Research      
7.25 Other        

Observing Status
4 MeterMzLS :: Two detector time-out errors caused about 10 minutes of dark time. Seeing measured between 0.8 and 2 arc-seconds, with a typical value of 1.16
WIYNNo technical problems. An issue with load cell B - see MSR#26273 for details. Seeing measured between 1 and 1.5 arc-seconds, with a typical value of 1.2
2.1 MeterRobo - AO :: Full smooth night of science.
FeedNot Scheduled
0.9 MeterNo answer when called at 4am.

CommentsAnother good night for science. Seeing much better than the previous nights.

Reported by:Christian Soto

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