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Kitt Peak Nightly LTO Report For UT: 2015-11-25

Report Time (MST): 07:25                    For access to all LTO-Reports go to:

4 Meter Weather Averages
From: UT = 01:00 (MST=6:00 PM) To: UT = 13:00 (MST=6:00 AM)
Elements Mean High Low AvDev
Air Temperature (°C)
Dewpoint Temperature (°C)-10.4-5.4-19.33.4
Relative humidity (%)223496.1
Wind Speed (mph)33.953.117.37.5
Wind Direction (°)176541751.7
4M Dome Temperature (°C)11.412.610.40.4
4M Dome Dewpoint (°C)-9.6-7.7-11.90.9
4M Primary Mirror (°C)10.811.29.40.3

Weather Comments: Partly cloudy with variable bands of cirrus during the first half of the night. Sky gradually became clouded out. Mostly cloudy after midnight. Strong winds out of the south. Winds exceeded 45mph after 11pm. Gust were recorded as high as 75mph from the 4m weather station.
Recognized Hours: ( 11.25 )      18 degree twilight + 0.5 hr.

Observer Information
Telescope Observer Prop. # Instrument Detector Seeing
4 MeterProbst (T&E) / Stevens, Sherman 2015B-2004 / 2013B-0236 NEWFIRM N/A 1.5
WIYNHartman -remote- 2015B-0115 WHIRC N/A 0.7
2.1 MeterNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A
FeedNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A
0.9 MeterProbst 2015B-0624 N/A N/A N/A

Time Usage During The Night
Telescope Hours Used Night's Activity   Hours Lost Time Lost
Due To:
Time of
Night (MST)
1.25 Scientific Research   7.25 Weather 22:30 - 06:00
2.75 T and E        
2.25 Scientific Research   8.75 Weather 21:00 - 06:00
      0.25 Misc. Problems 20:00 - 20:30
0.0 Scientific Research      
0.0 Scientific Research      
0.0 Scientific Research 11.25 Weather 17:30 - 06:00

Observing Status
4 MeterThe first 2.75 hours of the night were used for T&E; checkout of the NEWFIRM guider. The rest was handover to science but the strong winds and the clouds hampered the night after only an hour of sky time. One seeing measurment of 1.5 arc-seconds.
WIYN15 minutes were used to test the WTTM guider. Two seeing measurements of 0.7 arc-seconds. Lost the majority of night to the bad weather.
2.1 MeterNot Scheduled
FeedNot Scheduled
0.9 MeterNever opened due to the bad weather.

CommentsThe strong winds and the clouds prevented us from having a successful night of observing. I found no rocks on the road.

Reported by:Christian Soto

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