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LTO Report

Kitt Peak Nightly LTO Report For UT: 2017-02-22

Report Time (MST): 06:42                    For access to all LTO-Reports go to:

4 Meter Weather Averages
From: UT = 01:00 (MST=6:00 PM) To: UT = 13:00 (MST=6:00 AM)
Elements Mean High Low AvDev
Air Temperature (°C)
Dewpoint Temperature (°C)-5.1-1.8-14.80.7
Relative humidity (%)3041261.0
Wind Speed (mph)6.618.00.32.9
Wind Direction (°)2742132860.2
4M Dome Temperature (°C)13.114.512.30.4
4M Dome Dewpoint (°C)-4.30.2-6.00.6
4M Primary Mirror (°C)9.710.87.70.6

Weather Comments: Clear skies, calm winds out of the west and low humidity all night.
Recognized Hours: ( 10.5 )      18 degree twilight + 0.5 hr.

Observer Information
Telescope Observer Prop. # Instrument Detector Seeing
4 MeterBlum 2016A-0453 MOSAIC N/A 0.9
WIYNDelyannis, Sun -remote- 2017A-0175 HYDRA STA1 1.2
2.1 MeterSzufraga 2015B-3001 Visitor N/A N/A
FeedNo Observer --- N/A N/A N/A
0.9 MeterLee 2017A-0928 HDI N/A 1.3

Time Usage During The Night
Telescope Hours Used Night's Activity   Hours Lost Time Lost
Due To:
Time of
Night (MST)
10.0 Scientific Research   0.5 Tele-Control Problem 03:30 - 04:00
10.25 Scientific Research   0.25 Computer Problem 22:30 - 23:00
9.5 Scientific Research   1.0 Tele-Control Problem 19:30 - 06:30
0.0 Scientific Research      
10.5 Scientific Research      

Observing Status
4 MeterLost about 30 minutes to an RA drive trip which led to an issue where Mosaic was not reading out images. The drive trip was solved by disabling and re-enabling the drives. The readout error was solved by stopping re-starting the Mosaic software. Seeing measured with Mosaic between 0.9 arcseconds and 1.1 arcseconds.
WIYNLost 10 minutes around 2250 to the wiyn-ips computer crashing. Seeing estimated with the FOPs between 0.8 arcseconds and 1.4 arcseconds.
2.1 MeterLost an hour to pointing issues.
FeedNot Scheduled
0.9 MeterNo technical problems. Seeing measured around 1.3 arcseconds.

CommentsOverall a successful night.

Reported by:Anthony Paat

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