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Dewpoint Monitors Data - (last 2 1/2 hours)
refreshes every five minutes




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Wind Data (last 2 1/2 hours)
rings represent wind speed - mph
gray points indicate 2-day trend

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Current Dewpoint/Wind Data

4meter (2019-02-18   06:18:00) WIYN (2019-02-18   06:20) 2.1-Meter (2019-02-18   06:18)
Wind Speed: 34 Direction: 209.4°   Wind Speed: 21.0 Direction: 136.5°   Wind Speed: 22.3 Direction: 245.9°
Rel. Humidity: 95.8% Dewpoint: -4.5°   Rel. Humidity: 99% Dewpoint: -3.14°   Rel. Humidity: 91.3% Dewpoint: -4.9°
Temperature (F): 25.2° Temperature (C): -3.8°   Temperature (F): 26.6° Temperature (C): -3°   Temperature (F): 25.3° Temperature (C): -3.7°
    Split: 0.7°       Split: 0.14°       Split: 1.2°
Seeing: Not current     Seeing: 1.4"
2019-02-17 19:06            

Note: The instruments recording this data are not calibrated, so the values should be considered as indicative only.