Telescope (pmtc)
  Weather Station
Air Temp: ° C   Air Temp: ° C   Air Temp: ° C
Rel. Humidity: %   Rel. Humidity: %   Rel. Humidity: %
Dewpoint: ° C   Dewpoint: ° C   Dewpoint: ° C
Split: ° C   Split: ° C   Split: ° C

4-Meter Dewpoint Data: Telescope, Catwalk and Weather Station

The Telescope data comes from the PMTC system of thermo-couples and is measured by a temperature/humidity/dewpoint sensor mounted on a telescope's southern truss about 8 feet above the mirror cell.

The Catwalk sensor measures the temperature and relative humidity and calculates the dewpoint. It is mounted on the dome's catwalk on the south side.

The WXStation data comes from the 4m-weather station sensors mounted on the tower east of the 4-Meter dome.

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