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SAO Star Catalog J2000

Sample from list used at Kitt Peak telescopes.

Line#  RA            DEC         Epoch    RA      DEC     MAG     FK5    Comments:
                                          PM      PM      V       No.     Spec HD and BD Numbers
180038 20:16:57.776 +18:21:13.74 2000.00 +0.0012 +0.0155  7.8 SAO 105923 # A0 HD 192937  
180039 20:16:57.988 -00:02:06.21 2000.00 +0.0024 -0.0265  9.0 SAO 144243 # K0 BD-00 3961 
180040 20:16:58.080 +30:06:44.91 2000.00 +0.0009 -0.0065  8.2 SAO 88454  # K2 HD 193011  

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This may take a few minutes to load, catalog contains 216,462 objects, for all positions greater than - 40° declination..

This machine-readable SAO catalog from the Astronomical Data Center is based on an original binary version of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog (SAO, SAO Staff 1966). Objects are listed in order of SAO number. The cross references that are used here are only (HD or HDE) numbers and where those were not available the Bonner DM (BD) designation was used. All coordinates are J2000 including proper motions. For complete details on the SAO catalog goto the CDS web site given below.

This catalog was obtained from VizieR Service web site.

For ease of searching only declinations between -40 and +90 are listed.

Last Modified March 12, 2004

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