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Sample from list used at Kitt Peak telescopes.

Line# RA           DEC         Epoch    RA     DEC   MAG  Object     NewDesc Palomar
                                        PM     PM         Title      Sky Survey Description
  754 01:59:48.00 -06:56:00.00 1975.00 +0.000 +0.000 13.5 RNGC 788 # E,R,BM                          
  755 01:59:60.00 +28:06:00.00 1975.00 +0.000 +0.000 14.5 RNGC 780 # SLEL,BM,*CLOSE S&FO             
  756 02:00:12.00 -05:30:00.00 1975.00 +0.000 +0.000 13.5 RNGC 790 # E,R,BM               

View entire catalog here. This catalog contains 7,110 objects, for all positions greater than - 40° declination.

The catalog is a modern, revised, and expanded version of the original NGC (Dreyer 1888). In addition to incorporating the many corrections to the NGC found over the years, each object was verified on Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS) prints and on plates for southern objects specifically taken for the purpose (although about 90 southern objects could not be verified). Please refer to the documentation by Wayne H. Warren Jr. in file: "adc.doc". References: Dreyer, J.L.E. 1888,"New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars", MmRAS, 49, Part I (reprinted 1962, London: Royal Astronomical Society) (1888MmRAS..49....1D)

This catalog and the above description were obtained from the:
VizieR Service web site. Please look here for more information.

Last Modified April 28, 2004

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