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Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies (RC3)

Sample from list used at Kitt Peak telescopes.

The PGC indicates the Principal Galaxies Catalog number. That is followed by the morphological type of the galaxy, and last is the radial velocity, if available.

Line# RA           DEC         Epoch    RA     DEC   MAG   Object          Comments          
                                        PM     PM          Title           Cat. designation  R-Velocity 
 9382 09:59:59.90 +05:19:57.00 2000.00 +0.000 +0.000 11.40 UGC  5373     # PGC28913 .IBS9..   301 km/s
 9383 10:00:05.00 +34:13:56.00 2000.00 +0.000 +0.000 13.88 ESO  374- 16  # PGC28915 PSBT1.. 
 9384 10:00:06.20 +31:33:08.00 2000.00 +0.000 +0.000 12.42 ESO  435- 26  # PGC28919 .SXT5..  2723 km/s

View entire catalog here. This catalog contains 23,011 objects.

The present, much enlarged Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies (RC3) attempts to be reasonably complete for galaxies having apparent diameters larger than 1 arcmin at the D25 isophotal level and total B-band magnitudes BT brighter than about 15.5, with a redshift not in excess of 15,000 km/s. Objects of special interest, such as compact galaxies smaller than 1 arcmin or fainter than magnitude 15.5, and those already in RC2, are also included. The number of RC3 objects meeting these conditions is 11,897. Additional objects meeting only the diameter or the magnitude condition, and objects of interest smaller than 1.00, fainter than 15.5, or with redshifts > 15,000 km/s, bring the total to 23,022. (PGC 41636 and P65386 have been deleted since the catalogue was printed. The first is a globular cluster, Palomar 15, and the second is a duplicate entry for NGC 6967.) These were extracted from the database of 73,197 galaxies maintained by G. Paturel at Lyons Observatory (Paturel et al. 1989a,b). Data published prior to mid-1990 are included in the main RC3 table and appendices. As might be expected in a compilation of this size, a number of errors have been detected since this catalog was archived. These have been corrected by H. G. Corwin who submitted the current, corrected version. Any problems relating to the catalogue itself should be addressed to him:
Dr. Harold G. Corwin, Jr.
IPAC, M/S 100-22
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

This catalog and the above description were obtained from the: Service web site. Please look here for more information.

Last Modified April 27, 2004

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