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Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5)

Sample from list used at Kitt Peak telescopes.

Line# RA            DEC         Epoch    RA      DEC     MAG  FK5     Comments:
                                         PM      PM      V    No.     Spec   HD and BD Numbers
 1501 05:37:16.854 +44:04:14.80 2000.00 +00.000 -00.007  7.27 4509  # F8 +A0 HD 36947 BD+43 1315
 1502 05:37:21.725 +31:19:52.56 2000.00 +00.002 -00.049  8.29 4510  # F5     HD 37097 BD+31 1025
 1503 05:37:40.215 +58:32:56.88 2000.00 +00.000 -00.042  8.57 4511  # F5     HD 36754 BD+58  845

View entire catalog here. This catalog contains 3117 objects.

Listed in order of Right Ascension, this is a very good, reliable astrometric catalog with magnitudes to 9.5. Each star is also listed according to its FK5 Extension number. Included are, proper motions; V-magnitude; spectral type; HD ([1/9110]+ Harvard Revised Number = Bright Star Number); and DM (Durchmusterung Identification). See example above.

The Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5) Part II (which may be referred to by the alternate name FK5 Extension) provides mean positions and proper motions at equinox and epoch J2000.0 for 3117 new fundamental stars. The purpose of the FK5, Part II, is mainly to extend the fundamental system defined by the FK5, Part I (the so-called Basic FK5; Fricke et al. 1988) to about magnitude 9.5. The positions and proper motions given in the FK5 Extension are in accordance with the IAU (1976) system of astronomical constants; this means that the proper motions are based on the new values for the precessional quantities, the terms of elliptic aberration are eliminated from the mean positions, the correction for the error in the FK4 equinox and its fictitious motion are applied, and the systematic corrections FK5-FK4, as given in the Basic FK5 (page 86), have been taken into account. More than 200 catalogs providing star positions obtained from throughout the world have been used in the compilation of the FK5 Extension.

The above explanation, and this catalog were obtained from the VizieR Service web site. Please look here for more information.

Last Modified November 22, 2014

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